Type 1 Diabetes: The Best Intentions

I had a conversation with a friend whose father lives with type 1 diabetes and is in a nursing home. He has other health conditions that mean that he requires help to take care of his diabetes. My friend mentioned something that happened at the facility that really concerned and angered her.

She said that a nurse was testing his blood sugar one day, and she clicked the lancing device on his finger several times with no success at forming an adequate drop of blood to complete the blood sugar test. My friend got upset and told the nurse, “You have one more chance to get that right before we call someone else to do it!” She saw that each click was painful for her father, but as a person that lives with type 1 diabetes, I also felt sort of bad for the nurse. I mean, I understand the part of the person with diabetes that is feeling the pain, and I feel bad for her father, but I also know what the nurse went through. I mean, how often does this happen to us when we test our own blood sugar?

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