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Recent Research News Podcast: FDA Approves Metformin for Patients with Kidney Impairments

The FDA has recently approved expanded labeling for diabetes drugs containing metformin. The new labels will now indicate that these medications can be used by some patients living with reduced kidney function. This change came after numerous… Read More

FDA Bans Three Toxic Chemicals From Food Wrapping – Too Little, Too Late

WASHINGTON – Under pressure from EWG and other environmental and health groups, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is banning three grease-resistant chemical substances linked to cancer and birth defects from use in pizza boxes, microwave… Read More

FDA Approves Two Novo Nordisk Insulin Medications

In late September 2015, the FDA finally approved Tresiba, a diabetes drug from Novo Nordisk. This once daily medication is a long-acting  drug that was previously rejected in 2013 after the FDA requested more data about the heart risks  … Read More