Research Report News Podcast: People with Prediabetes Not Receiving Treatment

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Researchers have found that a large portion of Americans living with prediabetes are not being treated for the condition. The result is that doctors often miss opportunities to prevent the development of diabetes.

A team from the University of Florida analyzed government survey data from 2012 on people aged 45 or older who had physician-ordered blood tests completed over the previous 90 days. About 34% had glycated hemoglobin levels indicative of prediabetes. However, only 23% of those patients were being treated for the condition with drug therapy or lifestyle changes.

Despite having these blood test results, physicians were not detecting prediabetes and were therefore not providing guidance on managing or treating the condition. By taking steps to better identify these individuals, treatment can be used to slow the progress of diabetes or to stop it altogether.

These findings were published in The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine in The March-April 2016 issue.

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