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Research Report News Podcast: Optimism Could Boost Heart Health for Hispanics

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Researchers believe that an optimistic outlook and a “can-do” attitude could help people – specifically U.S. Hispanics – to stick with a plan for healthy living. This study was completed at Chicago’s Northwestern University, and it tracked the outcomes of approximately 5,000 Hispanic adults.  Participants were analyzed for their levels of optimism as well as their measures of heart health, including blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat, exercise, and diet.

The findings showed that Hispanic adults who were moderately optimistic were 61% were more likely to have optimal heart health when compared to people who were less optimistic. This supports prior research pointing to a similar finding, showing that an optimistic outlook has a crucial impact on heart health.

These findings were presented at The American Heart Association Meeting in Phoenix, AZ on March 4, 2016.

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