Research Report News Podcast: Exercise Improves Sleep for Overweight Men

Insomnia is thought to affect 40-80% of men who are overweight or obese, but exercise could improve sleep patterns. Regular aerobic exercise will reduce sedentary time and appetite, while improving cardiovascular health. It also increases the need for sleep for improving and recovering body tissues.

This study involved 45 men ages 30-65, almost all of who were obese or overweight. All experienced insomnia symptoms for at least three months and half of the participants that were selected to attend aerobic exercise sessions for six months. After that period, men in the exercise group reported that it took less time to fall asleep, they had an easier time falling asleep, and they woke on fewer occasions throughout the night compared to the group that did not participate in the exercise program.

These findings were published in Sleep Medicine on March 7, 2016.

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