Research Report: Wake Up Call: Children With Diabetes Sleep Poorly

Researchers in Slovakia have found that kids with type 1 diabetes get poorer quality of sleep than their peers who do not have diabetes. Researchers studied 40 children–30 with type 1 diabetes and ten healthy controls without diabetes. Every child participated in evening polysomnographic exams, and the children with diabetes had continuous glucose monitors.

The findings showed that the kids with diabetes had a reduction of deep sleep time: 25.71% of their sleep time was spent within the non-REM3 stage compared to 36.02% with the controls. Deep sleep efficiency was also reduced with children with diabetes compared to the healthy controls. These findings suggest that pediatric endocrinologists need to put more emphasis on sleep hygiene when working with young patients with diabetes.

These findings were presented at the International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes in February 2016.

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