Research Report News Podcast: FDA to Review the Definition of “Healthy”

The Food and Drug Administration wrote its current guidelines about healthy eating in the 1990s, and much of the information is outdated or wrong. In fact, the current guidelines state that sugary cereals are considered healthy, but salmon, avocados, and almonds are not. For this reason, the FDA is seeking to redefine the term “healthy.”

This update is paramount for consumers. Many people want to make informed food decisions, and it is the responsibility of the FDA to help them do so by providing reliable nutritional information. This includes what can be classified as a “natural” food, as about 73% of shoppers seek out the term when making purchasing decisions. While consumers believe that natural means no chemicals, pesticides, or artificial ingredients, there is no universal regulation or definition for the term.

These findings were published by the Wall Street Journal on May 10, 2016.

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