Research Report News Podcast: More Bread Less Diabetes Risk

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Researchers from Sweden’s Lund University recently took a look at how barley-rich bread could affect a person’s risk of diabetes and heart disease. They focused on a bread blend that contained 85% barley kernels mixed with wheat flour. Then, 20 middle-aged healthy participants were asked to eat the bread at each meal for three consecutive days.  At the final meal, the partcipants were examined for diabetes and heart disease risk factors. This information was compared to their risk factors before the diet.

The findings showed that the bread blend diet improved , metabolism for about 14 hours. The participants also  experienced lower insulin and blood sugar levels, as well as better appetite control and insulin sensitivity. All of these aspects lowered their risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

These findings were published in the British Journal of Nutrition in February 2016.

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