Research Report: Extensivist Model of Care The Future of Medicine?

Medical practitioners believe that the extensivist model can significantly benefit the care of vulnerable patients. Extensivist medicine, also known as coordinated care, involves coordinating patient care across multiple consulting settings and physicians to simplify the process for the patient.

Outpatient and inpatient care are becoming too far removed from each other when it comes to assisting patients with complex needs. Dr. Sachin Jain, the Chief Medical Officer for CareMore Health System, believes that outcomes can be significantly improved by using this model. His hospital system is retraining physicians to provide care while patients are still in the hospital, to create multidisciplinary teams, and to oversee discharge planning. The goal is to reduce readmission rates and the length of hospital stays.

These findings were published in Journal of the American Medical Association on January 5, 2016.

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