Research Report: Extensivist Model of Care The Future of Medicine?

Medical practitioners believe that the extensivist model can significantly benefit the care of vulnerable patients. Extensivist medicine, also known as coordinated care, involves coordinating patient care across multiple consulting… Read More

Research Report: High BMI Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease

A recent South Korean study is debunking the idea that it is possible to be “fat and fit.” Researchers have found that obese and overweight individuals who are otherwise metabolically healthy continue to be at a high risk of developing CKD, … Read More

Research Report: New Regulations Push For Healthier Fast Food Meals for Children

Recently, a proposal was made to the New York City Council that would potentially make fast food meals for children healthier. If this new policy is approved, any fast food meals that come with toys would need to have less than 500 calories and… Read More

NIH Lists Brittle Type 1 as a Rare, Distinct Diabetes

The National Institutes of Health listed brittle type 1 diabetes as a rare disease, a distinct and separate form of type 1. An estimated 3,700 to 8,700 persons in the United States have the condition.

Brittle diabetes is characterized rapid,… Read More

Research Report: Wake Up Call: Children With Diabetes Sleep Poorly

Researchers in Slovakia have found that kids with type 1 diabetes get poorer quality of sleep than their peers who do not have diabetes. Researchers studied 40 children–30 with type 1 diabetes and ten healthy controls without diabetes. Every… Read More

Research Report: Mini-Dose Glucagon New Treatment for Mild Hypoglycemia

A recent study found that a mini-dose of glucagon can be an effective treatment option for adults with type 1 diabetes dealing with mild hypoglycemia. Mini-dose glucagon treatments are especially beneficial because they do not require patients… Read More