iMicro Hardness Tester Enhances Lab Testing

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. – Jan. 29, 2015 – Nanomechanics Inc. continues to drive the field of small-scale mechanical testing with the introduction of its newest product: the iMicro Hardness Tester.  The iMicro brings all the advantages of nanoindentation into the field of microhardness testing so that any laboratory can measure microhardness with unparalleled speed, accuracy, precision and simplicity, and with the lowest cost-of-ownership on the market.

“It’s the unique design of our software which allows us to meet both industrial and academic needs,” said John Swindeman, CEO at Nanomechanics, Inc. “The instrument comes with a turnkey method for measuring standardized Vickers Hardness and Young’s Modulus, but advanced users can design custom test methods for measuring everything from creep properties to micro-cantilever stiffness.  Then these customized methods can be stored and routinely executed by operators with less experience.”

The iMicro is positioned to revolutionize industrial quality-control microhardness testing.  With just a few mouse clicks, the operator sets up hundreds of tests on multiple samples.  And because modern indentation standards (ISO 14577 and ASTM E2546) prescribe the calculation of Vickers Hardness, Knoop Hardness, and Young’s modulus without imaging the hardness impression, all tests are completely automated.  From sample installation to the final report, the entire process is radically faster and easier than what most people expect from a microhardness tester.  The up-time requirements of industry are met through a robust, user-friendly design, and Nanomechanics’ unparalleled technical support.

Academic researchers are also delighted with the advanced testing capabilities of the iMicro, which has best range, resolution, noise floor, data acquisition rate, and control options of any commercial indenter.  With a force capacity of 1 Newton and a throw of 80 microns, the iMicro lends itself to a broad range of novel experiments.  Recent applications include: depth profiles of thin-film hardness, frequency scans to measure the complex modulus of polymers, and high-speed mapping of the mechanical properties of a computer board.  Many thoughtful features, such as user profiles and remote operability, help to make the most of instrument time in laboratories with many users.


Technical specifications of the iMicro:

Displacement Measurement Capacitive Gauge
Displacement Range 80 microns
Displacement Resolution (electronic) 0.04 nm
Typical Noise < 0.25 nm
Load Application Electromagnetic
Maximum Load 1000 mN
Load Resolution 6nN
Data Acquisition Rate 100 kHz
Closed Loop CPU Control Rate 500Hz
Dynamic Excitation Frequencies 0.1 Hz – 1 kHz


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About Nanomechanics, Inc.

Nanomechanics Inc., designs and produces advanced nano-scale metrology products, including turnkey nanoindenters, modular devices for nano-scale actuation and sensing, and contract testing.  Drawing on decades of experience in material science, precision mechanical design, and instrumentation software, Nanomechanics offers products that satisfy the intense demands of both industry and academia, with unparalleled ease-of-use, accuracy, up-time, and technical support.  In addition to turnkey solutions, Nanomechanics provides modular components to microscopy companies in order to integrate nano-scale mechanical testing with advanced visualization.  To learn more about what Nanomechanics Inc., is doing worldwide, please visit or contact us at info (at) nanomechanicsinc (dot) com.



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