Healthy HbA1C Levels Tied to Reduced Infection Risk in Diabetes

Researchers from St. George’s, University of London, recently examined how glucose control might impact infection risk among people with diabetes. Infections are common with diabetes, as the disease weakens the immune system, so identifying how well-managed blood glucose levels could reduce infection risk may improve health outcomes.

This study found that patients with diabetes and HbA1c levels of 97 mmol/mol or greater were at an increased risk of infection-related hospitalizations, compared with those whose HbA1C levels were between 43 and 53 mmol/mol. This finding came from analyzing data of 85,000 adults with diabetes ages 40-89, and researchers also noted that people with the poorest glucose control had three times the infection hospitalization risk as patients with good glucose control.

These findings were published in Diabetes Care on September 28, 2018.

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