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Research Report News Podcast: Artificial Pancreas Safe for Pediatric Diabetes Patients

Researchers from Italy’s University of Padua have found that pediatric diabetes patients, ages 5-9, can safely use a child-specific modular model predictive control (or MMPC) for a single-hormone artificial pancreas. This finding came… Read More

Research Report News Podcast: Childhood Obesity Leads to High Blood Pressure

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A new study has found that obese children and teens have a three times greater risk of developing high blood pressure than their slimmer peers. These findings were especially pronounced in kids who gained… Read More

Research Report: Wake Up Call: Children With Diabetes Sleep Poorly

Researchers in Slovakia have found that kids with type 1 diabetes get poorer quality of sleep than their peers who do not have diabetes. Researchers studied 40 children–30 with type 1 diabetes and ten healthy controls without diabetes. Every… Read More