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Risk of Kidney Failure in Diabetics Nearly Doubles with Major Depression

If you have type 2 diabetes and also suffer from depression, you may want to keep an even closer eye on your kidney health.

According to the results of a new study, diabetics who also suffer from severe depression – the kind that makes it … Read More

Research Report News Podcast: Type 1 Immune Boost Eliminates Insulin Injections

Listen to the podcast here!

American researchers have found a way for people living with diabetes, immune cells, to do away with daily insulin injections for up to a year.

People with diabetes lack a sufficient number of T-reg cells, which the… Read More

Low Testosterone, Diabetes Boost Heart Disease Risk

The double whammy of both low testosterone and diabetes may significantly elevate men’s risk of clogged arteries, a new study shows.

According to the American Diabetes Association, men with diabetes are twice as likely to have low testosterone… Read More

The Stress of Type 1 Diabetes Often Leads to Diabulimia

By Asha Brown

Living with type 1 diabetes means that you have a different relationship with food than other people. You live your life in between the demanding rituals that happen multiple times a day; before and after a meal or any type of snack.… Read More

Two Studies Confirm the Role of Exercise in Blood Sugar Control

Two recent studies confirm the powerful role that exercise plays in controlling blood glucose levels. The first study, conducted by University of Missouri researchers and published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, … Read More

Diabetes Health Pharmacist Crossword Puzzle Solution

This crossword puzzle was inspired by recent news and podcast reports. Play along with us to test your knowledge and comprehension on topics we post.

Please click the link below to download this week’s Diabetes Health Pharmacist Â… Read More

Study Advises Screening Type 1 Teens For Depression

A study of teens who have type 1 diabetes concludes that their rate of depression is linked to poor blood glucose control and that doctors should screen young type 1s to detect the condition.

The study by the Division of Endocrinology at Cincinnati… Read More