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Recent Research: Adocia & Lilly Announce Positive Results For Study on Ultra-Rapid Insulin

Lyon and Indianapolis, May 31, 2016 – Adocia (Euronext Paris: ADOC) and Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY) announced today positive topline results from a Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating BioChaperone Lispro, an ultra-rapid formulation

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Diabetes Health Pharmacist: Metabolic Surgery Recognized as a Standard Treatment Option for Type 2 Diabetes

Alexandria, VA (May 17, 2016) – Metabolic, or weight-loss, surgery quickly and dramatically improves blood glucose control. Until now, however, it has not been included in clinical practice guidelines as a treatment option for people
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Research Report News Podcast: Glycemic Control Leads to Clinical & Financial Benefits

A recent study has found that small improvements in HbA1c in people with diabetes can reduce health complications and the … Read More

Research Report News Podcast: PDE4 Inhibition Could Be a Potential Metabolic Disorder Treatment

A study found in Obesity Reviews showed that phosphodiesterase 4  (PDE4) inhibition could be useful in the treatment of metabolic… Read More

Research Report News Podcast: Value-Based Insurance Programs Could Improve Compliance

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Research Report News Podcast: Doctor-Patient Conversations Can Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs

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Research Report News Podcast: CPAP Treatment May Benefit Diabetic Patients with Sleep Apnea

Researchers from Autonoma University of Madrid have investigated how CPAP treatment affects glycemic control in patients… Read More