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Research Report News Podcast: Value-Based Insurance Programs Could Improve Compliance

A study has found that patients showed better health outcomes when given economic incentives to take part in health screenings and to take their medications as prescribed. These results included improved medication compliance and a decrease… Read More

Study Compares Fracture Risk for Different Diabetes Regimens

Researchers recently completed a study to find out how the risk of fracture differed with the type of insulin therapy used by people with type 2 diabetes. While it is known that there is an increased risk of fracture associated with type 2 diabetes,… Read More

Research Report: Mini-Dose Glucagon New Treatment for Mild Hypoglycemia

A recent study found that a mini-dose of glucagon can be an effective treatment option for adults with type 1 diabetes dealing with mild hypoglycemia. Mini-dose glucagon treatments are especially beneficial because they do not require patients… Read More