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Research Report News Podcast: Diabetes Patients Benefit from Integrative Health Coaching

Researchers from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and Duke University School of Medicine have recently examined the benefits of integrative health coaching in patients with type 2 diabetes. This study was completed by evaluating… Read More

Recent Research News Podcast: Continuous Glucose Monitor Training Could Encourage Patients to Exercise

Researchers from the University of British Columbia have recently completed an eight-week pilot study to determine how continuous glucose monitoring might impact people living with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. This study divided participants… Read More

Research Report News Podcast: Insulin & Stenting Risks in Patients with Diabetes

A recent study has found that insulin treatment is not responsible for the poorer health outcomes after stenting in patients with type 2 diabetes. However, it was suggested that everolimus-eluting stents might be a better choice for patients… Read More

Research Report News Podcast: World Diabetes Cases Quadrupled in 34 Years

According to a report released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people living with type 2 diabetes around the world is on the rise. From 1980 to 2014, this figure quadrupled to 422 million adults. The greatest rate increases… Read More

Research Report News Podcast: Metformin May Reduce Cancer Mortality Risk

Researchers have recently found that metformin could reduce the possibility of mortality from certain cancers in postmenopausal women living with type 2 diabetes. These findings came after a review of data from about 146,000 postmenopausal… Read More

Research Report News Podcast: New Type 2 Diabetes Biomarker Identified

Swedish researchers have found a new type of biomarker that could help to predict type 2 diabetes risk. This biomarker detects epigenetic changes in certain genes with a blood test. Therefore, measuring HbA1c levels could have some benefit… Read More

Research Report News Podcast: Incretin Diabetes Therapies Don’t Increase Heart Failure Risk

A recent analysis found that type 2 diabetes treatment using incretin-based therapies was not associated with an increased risk of heart failure. Canadian researchers came to this conclusion after studying a cohort of nearly 1.5 million… Read More

Research Report News Podcast: Poor Diet Diversity Linked to Diabetes & Obesity

According to a study from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, people with a small variety in their diet were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes and obesity. Poor diet diversity is defined as relying on foods that lack a large assortment… Read More

Research Report News Podcast: Surgery Trumps Lifestyle Intervention in Reducing T2 Diabetes

Research has found that mild or moderately obese people found success in achieving diabetes remission a year after going through Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. The study was completed at the University of Washington’s Diabetes and Obesity… Read More

Research Report News Podcast: YMCA Models Effective Diabetes Prevention Program

In March 2016, it was announced that Medicare would begin paying for lifestyle interventions like diet and exercise to help prevent type 2 diabetes.

Previous research on behavioral learning and weight management has shown that lifestyle… Read More