Research Report: Mini-Dose Glucagon New Treatment for Mild Hypoglycemia

A recent study found that a mini-dose of glucagon can be an effective treatment option for adults with type 1 diabetes dealing with mild hypoglycemia. Mini-dose glucagon treatments are especially beneficial because they do not require patients to consume extra calories. They also help to avoid nausea and other side effects that often occur with a large dosage of aqueous glucagon.

The study examined data from 12 people using insulin pump therapy to control their type 1 diabetes. Findings showed that they had mean concentrations of fasting glucose at 110 mg/DL with 75 and 150 glucagon doses. This was compared to a mean fasting glucose concentration of 109 mg/DL when they received the larger 300 microgram doses. At-home clinical trials are currently ongoing to better understand the patient acceptability and efficiency of mini-dose glucagon treatment of mild hypoglycemia.

These findings were published in Diabetes Care on February 9, 2016.

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